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Cynthia Rowland : Products & Services

Cynthia Rowland offers natural alternatives to get that ageless, younger-looking skin you've always wanted. There are no face lifts or chemical peels involved and you won't have to spend a fortune. By following her simple techniques and guidelines you can achieve the fastest, easiest, safest and least expensive techniques to STOP sagging facial features, whilst toning and tightening your skin.

Her product ‘Facial Magic’ has proven results. Successfully used for years by celebrities, physicians, dentists and certain White House insiders, amazing results can be achieved almost instantly and long lasting effects can be possible with just a few minutes of simple exercises per day. This is a technique that can work for everyone in a natural and pain free way.

The Benefits of Facial Magic:

Popular products offered by Cynthia Rowland:

The Cynthia Rowland website also offers natural solutions for fuller, plump and pouty lips, as well as a skin care regime that helps promote cell renewal / regeneration. Again, the products used are ‘all natural’ botanicals and provided with cruelty-free ethics. 

Cynthia Rowland : Company Background

Cynthia Rowland is the founder and namesake of her company and partners with Jackie Silver, author of Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young. Together they are known as the ‘Ageless Sisters’ and have been trading for over 12 years. The company is based in Long Beach, California.

Ms Rowland is also the founder and president of ‘Rejenuve, Inc.’ which is a company dedicated to providing both men and women with highly effective, natural, anti-aging products. 

Cynthia Rowland : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Here's what Cynthia Rowland's customers and followers have been saying about them: said: 

If you are concerned about facial lines and wrinkles and you want a easy way to make them better or reduced the appearance, this is the tape. Easy to do exercises for your face. I love it. I would recommend to everyone. Enjoy and see the difference in just 30 days.

I have been doing Facial Magic for about four monthes. The other day someone asked me if I'd had a face lift. It works if you stick to it.

I am in my 40s and have been doing facial magic on and off for the past 2 years, with ongoing, flattering results.  It's good to know you CAN do something to enhance the aging process without spending thousands or going under the knife. The idea is to isolate specific muscles, just as you would to get your body toned. And results ARE noticeable. I personally did not find them complicated. Finally, there are also notes on living a healthy, happy life, which go a long way to support maintaining a healthy, happy face! said: 

Cynthia Rowland is not only a woman, she is a brand. She is known around the world as one of the best sources for anti-aging information and products.

On top of it all, one of her products, the Facial Magic System is one of the best anti-aging processes on the market today.

This product promotes the natural and normal processes of the body and is the key to the best rejuvenation available without painful surgery or cosmetic treatments. The Facial Magic System contains no synthetics, no petroleum, no toxins or man-made products, and definitely no animal by-products. Furthermore, this system tightens and removes years from your face, just by doing this simple exercise and using the cream compliment.

You do not need surgery to take ten years off your face. You just need to reinforce and tone the skin and muscles that are already there.

Cynthia Rowland has the key to the fountain of youth in the Facial Magic System. Now is the time to check out this incredible system, everyone will wonder what your secret is and how you are managing your great new appearance. said:

CYNTHIA ROWLAND is a woman on a mission.

And that mission, which she embraces with the zeal of a dozen St. Joans, is this: When age starts having its ugly way with your face — wattling your chin, jowling your cheeks and lining your forehead — you don't have to resort to the scalpel or injecting silicone or botulin.

Rowland's option is all about exercise — facial exercise, that is.

For more than a decade, the Long Beach resident has been championing a series of facial exercises marketed under the name "Facial Magic." Her program is built around 18 exercises done incrementally over nine weeks. Users are asked to do the exercises six days a week, with one rest day. The entire regimen takes about 20 minutes a day, and targets muscles in the cheeks, forehead, chin, neck, jaw and around the eyes. Most involve manipulating the face with gloved hands (for a better grip), and some involve inserting your gloved digits into your mouth. After the nine weeks have passed, exercises are done two or three times a week for maintenance.

When the exercises are done correctly and religiously, along with moisturizing and hydrating, Rowland promises users that many of age's sins will be corrected, much in the way that crunches can firm your abs or squats tone your glutes.

"If the muscles are in great shape, the look of wrinkles is greatly reduced," said Rowland, who is such a bundle of energy it is difficult not to get caught up in her zeal as she discusses her favorite subject. "I use my program, and I don't have any sagging. I do my exercises religiously."


There are many reviews for Cynthia Rowland's products and lessons on the web and the good news is that 95% of them are positive. Follow her advice and it really does appear that you too, could have younger looking skin without the need for great expense or chemicals!

Cynthia Rowland : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Whilst Cynthia Rowland has not been accredited by the BBB, it has received plenty of media coverage. 

Featured on KNBC L.A., CBS, The View, HSN, ShopNBC, FITtv, QVC, HGTV, The Today Show, The Doctors and Rachael Ray she is no stranger to interviews. Whether demonstrating facial exercises, how to get luscious, full pouty lips or best kept secrets to younger looking skin, she has obtained numerous fans all over the globe with her proven techniques. 

Cynthia Rowland : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Cynthia Rowland has a global Alexa Traffic Rank of 888,618 and a US ranking of 385,682. There are currently 216 sites linking in to hers.  About 8% of visits to her site are referred by search engines and the top search queries are currently for ‘luscious lips.’

The website has a Google Page Rank of 3/10. states that the site has 3,402 unique visitors per month and its ranking by UVS standards is 382,668.

Cynthia Rowland : Social Media Presence

Cynthia Rowland has her own 'Blog Talk Radio' along with Jackie Silver and they appear as the 'Ageless Sisters.' With discussions from divorce to healing with essential oils, there really is something for everyone here. 

The website also has its own Twitter page with over 10,000 followers featuring everything from beauty tips to medical advice and a Facebook page, with over 1,000 likes. There are plenty of customer testimonials, pictures and hints and tips to be shared. Also featured on YouTube, customers can find plenty of exercise tutorials and infomercials as well as interviews with Cynthia herself. 

Cynthia Rowland : Website Security & Safety

Cynthia Rowland uses a secure (https) connection when taking payment information and the industry recognised 'padlock' symbol. 

Cynthia Rowland uses standard industry technology to secure the transmission of private data such as credit card numbers and personal information. It also has reasonable precautions in place to protect information from loss and misuse. Cynthia Rowland does not sell, share or release personal information to any third parties unless you give them your explicit permission to do so.  

Google Safe Browsing states that this website is not suspicious, nor has it  hosted any suspicious software or malware in at least the last 90 days. 

Cynthia Rowland : Pricing & Packages

Cynthia Rowland products can be obtained directly from their website, all customers need to do is click on the green 'shop' tab at the top of the page. 

Pricing examples for her most popular products are listed below:

The Magic of Facial Exercise – All About Natural Beauty Book $24.95.

Facial Magic Starter Pack with DVD $99.95.

30 Minutes Facial Magic Video Coaching $150.00

Facial Magic Bonus Bundle $209.95.

Facial Magic Ultra Spa Kit $259.95

Luscious Lips Lip Pump $49.95

Luscious Lips Deluxe Kit $59.95

Cynthia Rowland's products are virtually unique in the marketplace and she is a pioneering force in natural ways to achieve ageless beauty. When you consider the cost of chemical peels, face lifts, botox and other forms of surgery - her proven methods to youthful skin work out considerably cheaper and are much less painful!

Cynthia Rowland : Shipping Rates & Policies

Cynthia Rowland ships all throughout the US and internationally from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. 

You can choose from several shipping options such as Regular, Priority and Express depending on how quickly you would like to receive your goods. Shipping costs will depend on the weight and bulk of the package you order but an example is listed below:

The Facial Magic Ultra Spa Kit will cost $8.95 to ship with regular ground postage in the US, $8.95 for Priority Mail and $27.65 for the Express option. 

Cynthia Rowland : Payment Methods Accepted

Cynthia Rowland does not accept payment by either PayPal or personal check. You are given the option on check-out of paying with a variety of differing credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express and if you have a debit card displaying any of the aforementioned symbols you can use these in the much the same way providing you have adequate funds in your account. 

Cynthia Rowland : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The Cynthia Rowland website wants to make sure that all of its customers completely happy with both the service and products offered. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may simply return it within 30 days after the date of purchase for a complete credit card refund. You will need to call their customer service department on 800-562-1155 which is open Monday – Friday from 0830am until 1700pm PST.

Cynthia Rowland : Product images & screenshots
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